[ELIZAVECCA] Mask Pack - 1pack (10pcs)



  • [ELIZAVECCA] Mask Pack - 1pack (10pcs)
  • [ELIZAVECCA] Mask Pack - 1pack (10pcs)
  • [ELIZAVECCA] Mask Pack - 1pack (10pcs)
  • [ELIZAVECCA] Mask Pack - 1pack (10pcs)
  • [ELIZAVECCA] Mask Pack - 1pack (10pcs)
  • [ELIZAVECCA] Mask Pack - 1pack (10pcs)
  • [ELIZAVECCA] Mask Pack - 1pack (10pcs)
  • [ELIZAVECCA] Mask Pack - 1pack (10pcs)
  • [ELIZAVECCA] Mask Pack - 1pack (10pcs)
  • [ELIZAVECCA] Mask Pack - 1pack (10pcs)

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#Vita Deep

Contains vitamins E and various fruit and vegetable extracts to provide intensive moisturizing and nutrients to the skin, providing a clear and luminous skin.

#Red Ginseng

The active ingredient of red ginseng extract and antler extract gives nourishment and vitality to the rough and tired skin with vitality, and coenzyme Q10 ingredient makes skin elastic and shiny.


The milk extract that helps to moisturize and brighten the skin helps skin elasticity, maintains skin moisture balance, and creates a moist and calming skin.


Contains Vitamin, Protein, other essential nutrients honey extracts essential to your skin and plant extracts nourish your skin and improve your elasticity and make your skin moist and smooth.


Fruit ingredients penetrate into the skin and help care for oil, sebum and blackhead, and smooth skin texture.


For skin elasticity nutritious serum and EGF ingredients are included.


The skin friendly Hydrolized collagen keeps the skin hydrated, improves skin elasticity and wrinkles, and smooth skin texture.

[How to use]

1. After washing, using the toilet water and prepares the texture of the skin.

2.To face the sheet to fit the pattern of the face, after attachment, about 15-20 min, after taking a result rest, the mask remove.

3. It remains to remove the mask essence by tapping, it will be absorbed.

- Condition : NEW
- Contents : 1pack (10pcs)


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